Globalization has continued to make inroads into property markets. This means that companies looking to sell condos or office space need to make sure that they’re reaching out to foreign prospective buyers. If they’re not doing so, they’re missing out on a huge potential target market.

One challenge, however, when it comes to reaching these kinds of buyers, is that it can be difficult to pitch a property to people who are not in a position to easily visit the site. For a long time, condominium developers relied on model units to allow people to walk in a mock-up of the real thing. But that’s not an option when the buyer is abroad or a long distance away.

What are 3D Walkthroughs and Architectural Animation?

3D walkthroughs and architectural animation offer immense benefits when trying to promote a property to people who are far away. Essentially, a 3D walkthrough is the result when computer hardware and software are used to create a visual simulation, that mimics the experience of walking around and through a property. These can even be done for virtual reality goggles, to simulate actually being in the environment!

The walkthrough can take place outside the property. For example, it can allow a buyer to experience walking around a house, through its various lawns and yards. Or the walkthrough can be an interior one. So, for example, a person can experience walking through the lobby of an office building, or around the rooms and cubicles upstairs.

The walkthroughs and animation are created in order to fully and virtually immerse a person in a property. It’s one thing to look at a still image of a house’s floor plan. It’s a completely different experience having the point-of-view of a person, walking through the front door and checking out each room.

What are the Benefits of 3D Walkthroughs and Architectural Animation?

3D walkthroughs and architectural animation allow a person to experience a place, as if they were actually there, even if their real location is somewhere else. This means that clients aren’t forced to imagine how a property might look, when shown floor plans and pictures. Instead, they can get the full experience of being in the property, in a virtual manner.

This also saves clients a lot of time, cost and energy. Instead of having to travel to each and every property that they’re considering, then can instead ‘visit’ these places by taking advantage of 3D walkthroughs. Technology has advanced enough so that these walkthroughs are very close to the real thing.

The benefits are also significant for real estate agents and sellers. They can use 3D walkthroughs to reach an even larger population of potential buyers (or tenants). They can also use these walkthroughs to screen those prospects who aren’t a good fit for the property. So, for example, some people might view the walkthrough and quickly decide the place isn’t for them.

Who Can Benefit from 3D Walkthroughs and Architectural Animation?

Some of the beneficiaries of this technology include:

  • Architects and interior designers
  • Engineers
  • Real estate agents
  • Business owners and individuals (looking to buy or rent property, or renovate an existing space)
  • Property managers
  • Companies that sell furniture, appliances, window treatments, swimming pools and more
  • Owners and managers of hotels, apartments and other places for rent

Interior designers can benefit a lot from 3D walkthroughs because they are so immersive and realistic. So, for example, an interior designer might be pitching a proposal to improve an existing space or room. The designer can use a 3D walkthrough to show the client, in a very concrete and tangible way, how the space will look tremendously better through the use of different furniture, wall colors, flooring, light fixtures, window treatments and the like.

3D walkthroughs are advanced enough nowadays, so that the experience for a client would be very true-to-life. The walkthrough can also do a great job of showing how natural and artificial light can affect the look and mood of the space. The client can walk here or there, can zoom into a particularly interesting spot, and basically take the whole space in. It’s a very powerful tool, and can be very convincing when trying to seek approval for a pitch.

These walkthroughs are also great for hotels that are looking to improve the number of their bookings. Pictures and video of hotel rooms, lobbies and amenities are useful and commonplace, but a 3D walkthrough is something surprising in a good way. No longer will website visitors be constrained by the angle of a photo or the perspective of the video. Instead, they’re in control and they can really feel immersed in the beauty and grandeur of a particular hotel.

What Advantages Can Our Company Provide?

There are many firms out there that claim to be able to provide excellent 3D walkthroughs and architectural animation. Unfortunately, many make grandiose promises that they’re not later able to make good on. This won’t be a problem with our company.

Instead, we have a long track record of successfully giving our clients the 3D walkthroughs that they need. This is because our staff have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. We’re also customer-focused, so you can rest assured that we will listen to your input and feedback, and apply our knowledge to the task of turning your vision into reality.

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