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No other service or product is set to revolutionize the real estate industry in the same way as virtual reality. Show prospective tenants and buyers more properties, more quickly. Sell more properties off the plan by showing investors different fittings and furnishings on the fly. And that’s just the beginning of the possibilities VR for real estate offers!

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Modern technology is continuing to revolutionize the way real estate professionals do their work. Recently, specific advances such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have entered the picture. They hold the potential to improve real estate working relationships with clients massively, so it’s vital for agents and real estate agencies to include these in their toolbox.


With VR technology, you can walk through a house as if you are actually there. But beyond that, you can change all the fittings and furnishings on the fly. Just imagine the possibilities!

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Our firm specializes in providing virtual reality and augmented reality services to our clients. We can make virtual reality and augmented reality tours, real estate walkthroughs and flythroughs, 3D rendered images of interiors, exteriors and floor plans, virtual home staging services and much more.


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What are the Benefits of
Virtual Reality Tours?

As the name suggests, virtual reality tours make use of VR headsets, or other devices or peripherals, to allow clients to walk through a particular property. One of the main benefits of this setup is the fact that this reduces or even completely removes the need for property developers to create model units of properties or similar full-scale mock-ups. This saves on cost because there’s no need to build and furnish a space in order to sell it.

Another significant benefit of VR tours is the fact that they allow potential customers to immerse themselves in a property, without having to visit a particular site or location. In today’s world, many property buyers are situated overseas, so VR is a compelling way of reaching out to these prospective clients, in a way that is convenient and less costly for them, while also saving both parties a lot of time.

What are the Advantages of Augmented Reality Tours?

Augmented reality tours are similar to VR ones, in that hardware and software are used to project some form of reality, for the client to view and appreciate. With VR, the customer usually wears a headset that blocks out all other visuals, while in AR, the person is still generally able to see the physical environment around them. What AR does is apply a new layer on top of reality, where that layer might include additional information, objects or visual interfaces.

For example, with AR tours, a client may be able to physically walk through a property, with the AR goggles projecting the proposed contents of that property onto the physical space. This could include applying wall treatments or adding furniture and other items, to what is mostly an empty interior.

The beauty of this (and of VR as well) is that it also becomes possible to change design specifications more efficiently, so that for example, if the client wants to see how a different sofa or bed will look, that can be done quickly.

AR (and VR) can come in the form of tours where clients move through the environment along a pre-determined path (similar to a train on tracks). Other tours may allow customers to have more freedom, where they can pick and choose precisely where they would like to go inside the virtual or augmented environment.

Another great way to use virtual reality is by taking drone flyover videos provided by customers and rendering entire properties into them. The final result is a drone video that appears to fly over and around a property, that may not yet exist in reality.

This can be very useful for showing clients how their proposed home will look in relation to the surrounding landscape.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Home Staging Services?

Virtual home staging is another service that offers vast improvements over the status quo. First of all, it is much easier to convince a client to make a purchase, when they are presented with a fully furnished interior space, as opposed to just an empty apartment.

In fact, the advantages of a fully staged property are so great that real estate professionals are willing to rent furniture and other objects, just so that they can make a property look and feel lived in.

However, there are downsides to having to stage a property in the traditional way:

1. There are costs associated with renting furniture, fixtures, appliances and other items.

2. The interior furnishings may clash with the specific aesthetic preferences of a client.

3. It may be difficult, time-intensive and costly to adjust an already staged property, to present a client with their preferred vision for the interior.

4. There are various logistical difficulties that come into play when moving heavy furniture and appliances around.

When all these disadvantages are multiplied across multiple properties being shown to various clients, these downsides become even worse.

All these and more can be avoided by turning to virtual home staging services, where clients can simply submit photographs of interior spaces, which can then be populated with various objects.

This can result in significant cost savings. There is no heavy furniture to move around, and it will always be much easier to move things around in virtual staging compared to doing so in the real world.

Virtual staging puts a lot of power at the fingertips of architects, interior designers and property developers, allowing them to create more compelling and personalized experiences for clients.

Why Choose Our Firm for Your VR/AR Needs?

It’s important to go with a firm that has the expertise to render photorealistic, entirely believable and aesthetically pleasing environments. You want to impress and immerse your clients.

This means that you want to avoid using VR tours that seem half-baked, visually jarring or are not particularly memorable.

Our firm has an unbeaten track record of creating virtual reality and augmented reality content, that can amaze and connect with customers.

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