What Is 3D Floor Plan Rendering?

A 3D floor plan rendering is a virtual model of a building floor plan. In most cases, it came from a bird’s eye view and used within the building industry to create a better architectural plan. Its construction features scale, which means that 3D floor plan must include floor and walls as well as exterior wall fenestrations, doorways, and windows. It lacks a ceiling because it will obstruct the perspective and view. Other attributes that we use are flooring, cabinets, paint color, bathroom fixtures, and different interior finishes. We can also add furniture so that you can stage an entire apartment, office space or commercial floor.

What Is Main Purpose Of 3D Floor Plan Rendering?

It doesn’t matter if you are an architect or real estate marketer, because 3D floor plans will help you explain the project and floor plans to the client with ease. They are one of the simplest ways to present to individuals, who are unfamiliar with standard floor plans and other architectural concepts that are difficult to understand. It is useful for homeowners and architects because they can see design elements before the construction so that they can alter the design and other details.

What Format Of Files Will I Recieve When 3D Floor Plans Are Finished?

Everything is based on your specific idea and purpose. We use the most advanced hardware and software to render floor plans in 3D so that you can enjoy all the way. You can get both web and print files based on your preferences.

What Do I Need To Get Started On My 3D Floor Plans?

First, we will need photos of the interior and existing floor plans of one unit from your particular community. You can also add room dimensions on your floor plans, but that is not necessary because most plans have them. If you don’t have 2D floor plans, you can hire someone to sketch your apartment layouts as well as dimensions for each room. Have in mind that you don’t have to make professional photos, which means that any quality images will be sufficient, even cell phone images. We use pictures to match your real life finishes. Our professional team will reference each picture that you’ve sent us so that we can incorporate authentic finishes into 3D floor plan rendering such as windows, doors, appliances, vanities, cabinet and many more. If you need a 3D plan for property under development, or you want to renovate the existing floor plan with upgrade finishes, then you should send us material specifications as well as the schedule for finishes and material samples.

Can I Request A Revision To Floor Plans That You’ve Sent Me?

Yes, the main idea of our team is to provide you a high-quality 3D floor plan rendering that you can enjoy all the way. Your satisfaction is the key to our success, so we will make revisions for plans that we’ve given you without any additional problem. You can also request correction of existing 3D floor plans that we’ve made you even months afterward, but you will have to pay a small fee for changes.