As more real estate professionals and customers become aware of the power of virtual reality and augmented reality, demand for these types of services grows. While people know that VR and AR can be helpful, it can often be difficult at first, to figure out the specifics of how these technologies can be beneficial to you. What follows are some of the questions we frequently receive, from people who are interested in VR and AR.

How do our VR tours work? How interactive is the final product?

It’s important to keep in mind that when a firm offers virtual reality services, it may have a different understanding of what precisely is included.

This is why it’s important to get on the same page as your provider of VR and AR content. As far as our company is concerned, we offer a wide range of virtual reality tours, with different levels of interactivity, depending on what our client’s needs are.

For example, when clients provide us with their drawings, floor plans and other information, we can use these to create virtual environments. We can then present that environment in the form of a slideshow that they can look through.

Or we could try a fully-realized virtual real estate tour, where clients are given a three-dimensional walk through the property. Or the client can be presented with an environment where they can choose where to look and go, and possibly even manipulate the elements in the visualization.

As the level of interactivity increases, the client’s immersion in the environment grows. This is particularly important for agents and developers who are looking to create compelling experiences, which are more likely to convert prospects into buyers.

Do I need VR or AR for my project?

Virtual reality and augmented reality offer many valuable benefits. If you or your company are looking for ways to set yourself apart from the competition, this is one impressive way to do so. Also, keep in mind that your competitors aren’t standing still either.

Sooner or later, VR and AR will make inroads into your particular area, so it makes sense for you to be the one to benefit, instead of your competitors.

VR will allow you to reduce costs in various ways, as well as save time and conserve your energy, while not sacrificing your ability to reach out to prospective property buyers.

Virtual reality will also expand your firm’s ability to tap overseas markets, in the continuing search for more property buyers.

The technology also has the power to create stronger bonds between a property and a client, thanks to its more fully immersive and customized environment.

For people looking to grow their revenue, harnessing VR and AR is a move that makes a lot of sense.

How are you different from Matterport?

Matterport offers a way to create virtual tours through the use of special cameras and equipment. Think of it as something similar to the cars that Google uses, to build its Street View service.

Our service is different from Matterport’s, first of all, because we can provide our clients with virtual tours of properties that do not yet exist in real life.

This is particularly important for real estate developments where companies already look for buyers even before condominiums or other projects have been completed.

Matterport won’t work in situations like these because there isn’t anything physical for their cameras to scan.

However, that doesn’t stop us, and in fact, our VR tours of such planned properties offer photorealistic and immersive experiences.

Also, Matterport can be costly because of the use of specialized cameras and hardware, and because the Matterport operators will need to physically visit and move around the property to be scanned.

There are also time and logistical considerations to be ironed out for Matterport to work. None of these will be issues for our VR tour services, and yet the final result will be impressive and compelling.

What additional services can you offer?

Our firm can provide much more, on top of our virtual reality and augmented reality services. These include:

  • Videos showing walkthroughs and other presentations of a property’s interior and exterior
  • 3D rendering products such as three-dimensional floor plans
  • Inserting 3D renders of a property into drone video submitted by our clients

We make sure to work closely with our clients in order to give them the VR, AR and 3D content that they need.

Does your firm have sufficient experience and expertise for my project?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, our staff have in-depth knowledge in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and any other 3D rendering related task you may think of.

This is something that we do day in and day out, and our accumulated experience in this field allows them to consistently and reliably provide our clients with successful outcomes.

When you turn to us for your needs, you can rest assured that the final product will be one that is polished, professional, aesthetically pleasing and realistic.

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We look forward to working with you to create the VR and AR content that you’ve been looking for.

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